Hi, my name is Melissa and I’m from North Norway. My days as a teenager were only filled with pain. I had an instability in my neck and an atlas out of position that became more and more painful. After 7 years of trying to get better in Norway, with no luck, I finally heard about Newport Chiropractic and Dr. Iain. He needed about 1.5 hour’s to find the problem, and fix it! I’m so grateful for his help, and his kindness. Dr. Iain has given me a new life. I would for the rest of my time, travel all the way from Norway to England to see him if I would need some more treatment. In my eyes Dr. Iain is like a magician(:-)) and I recommend him for all people. He is the first of 25 doctors that looked at the whole me, not only the place of pain.


Absolutely put at ease in my first ever visit to my chiropractor when in a severe amount of pain, both by staff and chiropractor.

Friendly, warm and welcoming, with a calm environment. I was fitted in for an appointment at extremely short notice, though busy, by recommendation and my mobility is vastly improved after three visits.

Thank you. (A nervous patient, who now feels at ease).


Our family’s life has been completely transformed since we began seeing Dr Iain. I have no doubt that the effects of cerebral palsy on our five year-old daughter’s legs would be much worse were it not for regular adjustments. My own chronic back pain has all but disappeared and our 3 year-old son no longer struggles with constipation.

We have referred many family and friends to Dr Iain and all have been amazed at the positive benefits to their health.

As a family, we are all much healthier, both from regular adjustments and from sensible advice regarding diet and lifestyle. The cherry on the cake is the warm welcome we always receive from the team!


I came to Newport Chiropractic courtesy of a stiff neck 8 years ago. I was so impressed by the ‘common sense’ approach to being and staying healthy that I have been a fully committed member of the ‘Chiropractic Family’ ever since. Regular adjustments, coupled with the guidance I have received from Dr Iain on eating well and exercising properly have contributed greatly to the level of health I enjoy today. I would heartily recommend chiropractic care to anyone, young or old. It genuinely is a life changer.